Benefits of Physical Therapy for Arthritis Sufferers


If you or a loved one suffers from the chronic ailment known as arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, then you might be pleased to know that physical therapy can greatly benefit you. Medical researchers continue to discover year after year just how far reaching the positive results can be for arthritis suffers that perform routine physical therapy. By strengthening your muscles, tendons, and ligaments, you can actually take the pressure off of arthritic joints and vastly improve your range of motion.

How Often Should Arthritis Suffers Undergo Physical Therapy?

The amount of time that you should spend undergoing physical therapy to treat arthritis depends solely on how severe your arthritis is. Individuals that have severe arthritis that may lead to joint replacement could particularly benefit from year-round physical therapy. Some research has concluded that year-round or regular physical therapy for people living with severe arthritis can actually reverse some of the damage caused by the disease and put off the need to get joint replacement surgery by up to a decade.

If you have light arthritis, then it would be ideal for you to engage in physical therapy at least several times a year. People living with light arthritis that perform regular physical therapy can, in some cases, maintain their joint health and remove their need to get joint replacement surgery years later.

Why is Physical Therapy so Effective at Benefiting Arthritis?

There is a list of reasons why physical therapy can significantly benefit anyone who has arthritis. The first is the apparent range of motion increase that comes with strengthening the muscles and other soft tissues that surround afflicted joints. By increasing the range of motion and strengthing your soft tissues, your joints will be held in the correct position much more effectively, which in turn will greatly reduce the amount of pressure that is continuously being placed on them.

The other reason that physical therapy is so great for arthritis is that it substantially increases blood flow to the affected joints which helps to increase healing by bringing more immune response cells into the afflicted arthritic tissues.

from Trisha Ball | Healthcare

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