When To Use Cryotherapy


If you have never heard of cryotherapy, it is a state of the art therapy method that involves exposing part or all of the body to extremely cold temperatures. The therapy triggers a strong immune system reaction from the body that can help aid and speed up all types of healing.

Cryotherapy is quickly becoming one of the leading athletic recovery therapies on the planet. In fact, some athletes even use it daily as it is so effective at reducing muscle aches, reducing swelling, and aiding in healing any other sports-related ailments. A significant question that prospective cryotherapy patients are interested in knowing is when the best time to use the powerful healing method is?

When to Use Cryotherapy as an Athlete

Many of the leading professional athletes believe that the best time to use cryotherapy is first the thing during the next morning after a hard workout. Experts do not believe that you should use cryotherapy directly after a workout, as studies have shown that doing so can cause your muscles to heal too rapidly and actually inhibit them from swelling, one of the ways in which they become bigger and strong after exercise.

Resist the Urge to Use Cryotherapy Directly After Exercising

Anyone that works out extremely hard knows just how great cryotherapy feels directly after the workout is over. It wasn’t until recently, however, that experts began to notice that cryotherapy can greatly inhibit muscle growth and strength gains if it is used too quickly during the post-workout period. Doctors also have some concern that experiencing cryotherapy when the body is very hot, swollen, and full of blood from a workout, that you can actually increase the risks of a cardiovascular rupture due to the extreme contraction that cold temperatures will induce throughout your circulatory system. For preventive health reasons and the inhibition of muscle gains, you would be strongly advised to follow the expert’s advice on this matter and stick to what the pros are doing.

from Trisha Ball | Healthcare http://trishaball.net/when-to-use-cryotherapy/

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